Goody Goody Treat Bags - Pick your Bag-   Pick your Treats-  Made Special for your Event!
We carry a wide range of Goodies for any budget, age, and occasion to include in your treat bag:
Puzzle Ball
Plastic puzzle ball, Approx. 2 1/2" - 3 1/4" when assembled- 4 options available.
Price: $0.88
1 oz canister of Play-doh- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.84
4 Pack of Crayola Crayons- includes green, yellow, red, and blue.
Price: $0.48
Punch Ball
16" rubber punch ball has rubber band handles- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.42
Mini Smile Face Slinkey- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.40
Stackable Pencil
6" plastic pencil includes 11 leads and an eraser cap. Pencils have #2 lead- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.32
Coloring Book
5" x 7" Coloring Book including 6 pages- 4 options available
Price: $0.28
1 3/4" plastic bottle with wand holds .3-oz. of bubbles- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.25
Lip Shaped Whistles- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.25
Activity Pad
5" x 7" activity pad includes 12 color and puzzle pages- 5 options available.
Price: $0.22
Glitter Sticky Hands
1 1/4" sticky hand is on a 7" sticky string- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.20
Bouncing Ball
1" Mini Translucent neon rubber ball- Assorted Colors.
Price: $0.19
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